About Dhaka Distributions

With a legacy of nearly three decades, Dhaka Distributions is a cybersecurity product, technologies, solutions, and service provider. 

Dhaka Distributions is more of a team of dedicated cybersecurity professionals who have been instrumental in pioneering three industry trends in the Bangladesh IT market – the introduction of cybersecurity, the introduction of licensed and legal software business, and the beginning of direct authorized distribution presence in the country with a structured channel business eco system. Many of the team members have been together for more than 20 years now, a fact that reflects the consistency, dedication and trust within the company and its vision of being a leading cybersecurity company in the country. 

Dhaka Distributions maintains strong partnerships as distributor or exclusive association with some of the top cybersecurity industry names offering multiple levels of security solutions and services. The company strongly believes in working through channel partners. 

We maintain the uniqueness of our local market culture. We operate balancing the local industry trends. We ensure the three fundamental requirements in the local market – reputed superior technology that performs and delivers, strong local support, and competitive prices. We relentlessly work to keep our customers happy. 

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